Four stakeholder workshops will be held throughout the development of the Midwest Regional Rail Plan. Attendance is limited to members of the Stakeholder Planning Group. Meeting materials will be made available here following each workshop. Efforts are made to allow interested parties to listen in remotely to the workshops. To participate as an interested party, please email


The fourth and final workshop was held in December 6, 2017 in Chicago.  A draft prioritized intercity passenger rail network was shared with stakeholders, with discussions on analysis inputs, including phasing considerations and implications for the transportation network.  Governance recommendations and overall next steps were also presented.

Agenda (pdf)
Presentation (pdf)


December 6, 2017
Chicago, IL


The third workshop presented refined sub-regional networks generated from the CONNECT tool and discussed answers to the questions proposed at Workshop #2. Draft elements of a proposed Midwest rail network were presented including preferred routes, key hubs, appropriate service tiers, and network interactions.  

Agenda (pdf)
Presentation (pdf)


September 13, 2017
Detroit, MI

two sessions

Two sessions were held on the Midwest Rail Plan:  a technical session for Stakeholders and Interested Parties to review the technical approach for developing scenarios and initial network concepts.  The second was a breakout session providing a high-level overview of the project and progress.

Technical Session Slides (pdf)
Project Overview Slides (pdf)


August 15-17, 2017
Kalamazoo, MI

Stakeholder Workshop #2

June 7, 2017
St. Paul, MN

Technical Development Update

The second stakeholder workshop used the input provided at the first workshop to perform an analysis of major markets using the CONNECT tool to understand market potential, effects of trip time and frequency, service tier goals, and standard service characteristics.  A series of five geographic sub-regions were introduced with specific questions related to each area to help develop the “building blocks” of the technical analysis efforts.

Agenda (pdf)
Presentation (pdf)
Participant Guide (pdf)

Stakeholder Workshop #1

March 8, 2017
Chicago, IL

technical introduction and market assessment

The first stakeholder workshop introduced stakeholder group guiding principles, the history of rail in the midwest, the importance of MIPRC and governance, the CONNECT tool which will be used to model future rail scenarios, and examined current travel market demand and relationships.

Agenda (pdf)
Presentation (pdf)
Participant Guide (pdf)